What We Do

McKenzie Ross have a reputation for being an innovative organisation of choice for providing expert technical advice, risk assessment and insurance broking services to their clients. We do this by combining rigorous market research, practical experience, continued professional development and the innovative use of technology

With exceptional insurance knowledge and invaluable industry relationships, McKenzie Ross are capable of delivering best in market, comprehensive and seamless insurance programs on budget, creating a positive customer experience for clients who value a high level of experience, advice and risk analysis. More importantly our approach ensures clients are not out of pocket due to an unforeseen risk exposure that has not been considered.


Our Approach

Our approach is simple, we listen and we understand. By listening to our clients, we establish commitment, earn trust and gain intimate knowledge about our clients’ business. Knowledge of our client’s business, combined with best in market placement skills, allows McKenzie Ross to deliver flexible and distinct programs tailored to individual operations.

The McKenzie Ross approach underpins our Values that proactively address our customers’ needs and exposure to risk. It fosters a strong and consultative relationship with our clients and suppliers which is backed up through dedicated and proactive Account & Claims Management.


Unique Accountability

At McKenzie Ross, we thrive on accountability. Our dedicated Account Manager model provides ownership of the client relationship and provides a 100% level of influence over how the customer experience is managed and delivered.

This enables us to be truly accountable. Having a single point of responsibility removes the opportunity for different people to blame each other or suppliers for issues. It also helps streamline day-to-day administration, relieving the burden on our clients in determining who to call when they need assistance.

Through owning the relationship, we are absolutely accountable for delivering your complete insurance and risk management solution, which also mitigates traditional insurance and claims management headaches.

Key Benefits Of Using McKenzie Ross