Hand Crafted Solutions Specifically Designed To Protect The Construction Industry

When it comes to construction, there are many traditional insurance solutions available offered on either an annual or project specific basis. Cover also varies from selected parties only to all participants.

The benefit you’ll receive with the McKenzie Ross Construction team is it’s in depth knowledge of the scope of protection available and relative merit of products available within global insurance markets.

McKenzie Ross’ disciplined approach in identifying risk whether contractual or exposure related, and our ability to assist in tailoring contracts or insurance solutions for you underpins the McKenzie Ross approach.

Chose McKenzie Ross and you will benefit from:

  • The experience of leading construction insurance specialists
  • Innovative solutions that mitigate risk and solve project challenges
  • A client focused approach
  • A whole project solution
  • A responsive and strategic focus on claims

McKenzie Ross has the knowledge, experience and skills to respond to complex risk exposures and is aware of the many challenges that influence the construction industry.

Insurance For Builders

Contract Works is a broad policy for those in the Building and Construction trade. It can be taken as a contract-specific policy or annually with a transfer or run-off basis, primarily covering material damage and liability.

Contract Works can cover:

  • Construction of residential, commercial and industrial structures
  • Third party liability – legal liability to third parties who suffer personal injury or property damage due to the Insured’s negligence
  • Advanced Business Interruption (or Delay in Start Up) – covers loss of profit caused by a delay in completing a project and is available on a gross-profits, rentals or holding-costs basis

Protection For Home Owners

Builders Home Warranty or Residential Construction Warranty is required by law for all residential work over $16,000 (other than developments over three stories) to protect homeowners from financial loss from non-completion or defective workmanship should their builder disappear, become insolvent or die. Cover extends for six years from completion date.

Warranty insurance can be provided to the following businesses:

  • Home Builders and Renovators
  • Pool Builders
  • Cabinet Makers
  • Painters and Decorators
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Landscapers
  • Owner Builders
  • And any other project where warranty is required

Generally, applications can be processed without the need for onerous requirements such as bank guarantees and restructure of business, although these will of course be required at times.

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