All too often, we see ‘off the shelf’ insurance products purchased which do not recognise specific underlying risks to business, and as such may not achieve an optimum risk transfer. 

Even if the product fits well initially, McKenzie Ross’ undertaking is to ensure that changes in the organisation’s risk profile feed into product design and selection.

To achieve this, a thorough process of risk analysis is completed which determines the key risks to a business, the financial impact if they are left undetected, then a consultative approach as to what risks the business is comfortable to retain and what needs to be transferred to an insurer.

Risk Profiling & Acceptance

Insurable Risk Profiling and Acceptance follows a structured process which demonstrates good corporate governance and can easily be linked to your organisation’s broader risk management activities. As well as providing management with an audit trail and point of reference for future assessment McKenzie Ross can provide the following for your organisation:

McKenzie Ross’ unique approach focuses upon Liability, Asset, Business Interruption and People risks, which are the four core areas where insurance is most commonly used as a risk transfer tool.