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A burglary happens just about every minute across Australia*, costing business almost $800m per year#.

t is not only the dollars and cents associated with stolen stock and business interruption, but the loss of valuable information and records- and that sickening feeling that comes with having your security shattered.

A break in not only affects the bottom line, there are indirect costs associated with the psychological impact of the crime on business owners and staff.

In Victoria there are about 46,000 burglaries on 2009/10 financial year, including more than 16,000 at non-residential locations^.

In NSW the number of break-and-enters last year was 45,000`.

Given the slim chance of recovering stock and items stolen in a break-in, it’s important to have an appropriate level of security to deter thieves – and to ensure you are covered with business insurance. Business Insurance will cover you for any damage, destruction or loss caused by theft or attempted theft.

You can also secure cover for business interruption – which ensures you’ll still be able to pay the bills, and your employees, when your business is interfered with as a result of damage.


Installing deadlocks and keyed window locks are the most important security measure any business can take. They not only help stop thieves getting into your premises, they also prevent thieves easily removing goods if they do break in

Some business avoid dealocks because of concerns staff would not be able to escape the building in the event of a fire, but there are deadlocks available that you can deactivate when you are on the premises, enabling you to open the door or window in the case of emergency.


  • Closed circuit television (CCTV) is one of the most effective ways to deter would-be thieves
  • Check your alarm systems are operating and switched on
  • Back up computer records on a regular basis and keep a copy off-site
  • Consider fitting physical barriers such as grilles and bards to your windows and bollards to prevent vehicles entering the business driveway.
  • Remove expensive stick from windows
  • Bank all taking prior to holidays
  • Secure all loose items outside the premises, including bins
  • Keep an up-to-date record of stock and receipts in the event of a claim.
  • Don’t leave tools around that can help a thief brake in.


*Survey of Australian homes by Walcott Research

#Mayhew P. Counting the cost of crime in Australia. Australian Institute of Criminology ,April 03

^Victoria Police Crime Statistics

`NSW police Crime Statistics

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