Don’t Start The Party Without It

Everyone who is in the business of Events and Entertainment knows the stress of soldiering on with event liability after a problem has arisen. If your business comes into contact with members of the public, you will be glad of protection against potential damages claims. As a performer or promoter, you may be required to have Cancellation insurance to protect against weather, strikes, power outages and illness.


Event Liability Insurance

In many cases, venues will now require you to have your own Public Liability insurance or event insurance to cover possible injury to a member of the public. Event Liability insurance or entertainment insurance is essential to provide cover against a member of the public being hurt, or damaging their property, whilst attending your event.


Cancellation & Abandonment Insurance

It is critical for the entertainment industry like event organisers, promoters, producers, artist managers, lighting and sound engineering businesses, venues and many other organisations. Cancellation and Abandonment Insurance.

Circumstances far beyond your control can result in you having to cancel your event, or postpone, interrupt or relocate it. Meanwhile, airfares, booking fees, hotel accommodation (and much more!) have already been paid for. Cancellation insurance can help protect against your potential losses, even when you are a Not-for-Profit organisation.


Your Entertainment Specialists

McKenzie Ross has unparalleled experience in providing entertainment insurance solutions to your event insurance requirements. The depth of knowledge in event liability & event insurance gathered over 30 years of working in this particular field, combined with strong relationships with event underwriters in Australia and overseas, have made McKenzie Ross the first point of call for Australian event management insurance resources.

We have been experience in every conceivable event from jazz festivals, rock concerts, theatre productions, winery concerts, country festivals, markets and everything in between.

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