Iron Clad Protection For Those In Industry

Industrial Special Risks Insurance (ISR) is designed to protect physical assets of your business including buildings, stock, plant and machinery and other property. ISR policies are designed specifically for companies and organisations with significant physical assets with values over $5,000,000.

Industrial Special Risks insurance is broad, flexible policy industry cover for all losses and damages except for the exclusions and endorsements placed on the policy.

As well as protection for the replacement of the physical assets of the business because of fire, flood, theft, earthquake etc . ISR also extends to cover the financial losses that a company experiences because of such incidents that prevent them from running their operation effectively and ultimately affect their profitability (business interruption). Cover for the Industries Special Risk Insurance policy is provided for a specified period of time after the initial loss.

Your Risk Advisor

McKenzie Ross is an insurance broker specialising in advising company’s on their business risk. We can provide you with a comprehensive review of your business risk and through our extensive reach in the Australian and international insurance market provide a tailored business insurance solution to suit your company’s needs through a flexible industry special risk insurance policy.

Key Benefits Of Using McKenzie Ross