Business travel is a part of life for many employees and a large investment for many companies. Unfortunately, even the best planned itineraries can be ruined if an unexpected event occurs.

Traditionally Corporate Travel policies were designed to cover travellers on business – primarily white collar executives, with incidental private travel. In recent years the need for Corporate Travel has extended where now many non-white collar insureds purchase Corporate Travel.

This is combined with policies being extended to cover all leisure travel for directors, CEO and the like, including their accompanying spouse or partner and dependent children.

A comprehensive Corporate Travel policy will provide protection for the following:

  • Access to a team of medical, travel and crisis management specialists who will be ready to assist you 24/7
  • Unlimited overseas medical and medical evacuation expenses
  • Political and natural disaster evacuation
  • Cancellation, loss of deposits and additional expenses.
  • Frequent flyer points can also be reimbursed.
  • Lost luggage, travel documents and personal effects with no limits on most items
  • Tailored personal injury cover, including cover for independent financial advice and trauma counselling.
  • Cover for rental vehicle excess (when rental vehicle insurance is purchased).
  • Cover for costs associated with identify theft, including legal expenses, lost wages, unauthorised use and miscellaneous expenses.
  • Leisure travel cover for directors and nominated executives, their accompanying spouse and dependent children.
  • Kidnap, ransom and extortion cover available.
  • Personal liability cover.

Real Life Claim Examples


The Director of the Insured Accounting firm booked a family holiday to Bali several months in advance.
Two days before the family were due to leave for their holiday, an ash cloud in Bali grounded all flights and the Director and their family were unable to go to Bali.


The Policy reimbursed the Director for all deposits paid in advance.
The Director was unable to secure flight refunds from their airline.


A Director of the Insured was on a business trip in South East Asia when he contracted a virus resulting in pneumonia and organ failure. The
Director was admitted into hospital and had to stay for 3 weeks.


As a result of being confined to hospital, the Director had to cancel their flights. Their accompanying spouse also had to find alternative accommodation in order to stay with them and travel to their bedside.
The policy responded to cover the medical costs, changes to flights and accommodation costs of the accompanying spouse.
The Insurer provided the letter of guarantee for payment to the hospital, accommodation for the Directors spouse and changes to their airline tickets.


An employee of the Insured IT firm travelled to Europe on business. Whilst having a drink with colleagues at a bar, the employee’s drink was spiked.
When the employee regained consciousness, their wallet (including all money, credit cards and passport) was missing.


As a result of not having a passport, the employee was unable to make their flight home. They immediately called the 24/7 emergency assistance line who was able to help them contact the embassy to issue an emergency passport.
The Policy responded by reimbursing the employee for the stolen cash, costs in reissuing their passport, re-booking their flight home and the additional accommodation costs incurred whilst they waited for their passport.

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