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Aviation and associated aviation risks can be a minefield to the uninitiated.  That’s why you need an expert aviation insurance broker to assist in the placement of your risk.

From crop dusters to experimental aircraft, hangar keepers to airside refuelling, we can do it all.

As a Corporate Authorised Representative of McKenzie Ross, Geoff and Tony Butler from Butler Aviation (BAIB) combine over 40 years of specialist aviation insurance knowledge.  Most importantly they have been actively involved for just as long as Pilots, LAME/Engineer, Aircraft owners and operators, ensuring unparalleled professional experience because they know and understand the industry they love.

Our clients vary enormously from the one aeroplane private owner, Aerial Ag clients to major Corporate Charter operators.  We also accommodate associated industry risks including flight training, engineers, refuelling, aircraft push back and cleaning.

  • Hull and Liability – BAIB can accommodate all hulls risks from your corporate jets, rotary wing, RPT to Light Sport Aircraft and everything in between. Tony and Geoff have a close affinity with the Aerial Ag industry and are able to place harder risks which other brokers shy away from.
  • Hangar Keepers – Cover your private hangar or the largest engineering workshop. Cover can include damage to third party aircraft and faulty workmanship
  • Airport Owners / Operators Liability – We provide insurance programs for a number of local airports and private airstrips. It is important to adequately understand your exposures and make sure your interests are properly protected.
  • Aerial Application Liability – Covering third party claims for losses resulting from operator negligence.
  • Marine Transit Cover – Cover for material damage or loss during aircraft importation. Including cover for international import or export of aircraft and aircraft parts.
  • Ferry Flights – Flying in an aircraft from overseas? We can assist in the placement of the cover worldwide for ferry flights.
  • Airside vehicle movement activities – Most insurers exclude airside vehicle activities in their liability insurance programs. We can provide a liability solution to cover from the time the vehicle enters the fence for airside work.
  • Flight Training Facilities and Schools – Including cover for testing and check flights. We can also insure aircraft used in flight training activities whether online or owned by the training school.
  • War Risks Hull and Liability
  • Pilot Risk Insurance
  • Personnel Personal Accident Cover

Our Aviation Experts

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As an experienced Aviation insurance broker, our relationships with specialist local underwriters we are able to offer a suitable solution for this unique risk.

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Aviation Insurance FAQ’s

What Is The Meaning Of Aviation Insurance?

Aviation insurance covers against loss or claims, such as damage to aircraft, property damage, and personal injury that result from the ownership, maintenance or use of aircraft, hangars or airports. Insurance brokers can also cover you for associated industry risks, such as refuelling.

How Does Aviation Insurance Work?

Once obtained, aviation insurance can cover you for liability and property coverage for aircraft. The type of policy you need can be assessed by an expert aviation insurance broker who can assist in the placement of your aviation and associated aviation risks.

How Much Does Aircraft Insurance Cost?

The cost of your aircraft insurance will be dependent on factors such as the type of aircraft, the value of the aircraft, the safety record of the aircraft, the pilot’s experience, training & flying history, and other factors. An aviation insurance broker can give you a clear idea of what you’re eligible for.

Do I Need Insurance To Fly A Plane?

The owner of the aircraft must have insurance. Individuals or companies that charter flights (but do not own the aircraft) may require non-owner insurance to cover them for any liability in the event of an accident. An expert aviation insurance broker can clarify what type of coverage you require to fly a plane.

What Does An Aviation Policy Cover?

An aviation insurance policy can cover an individual private aeroplane owner to major Corporate Charter operators. The policies typically cover liability and property coverage for aircraft and can also accommodate associated industry risks including flight training, engineers, refuelling, aircraft push back and cleaning.

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