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The Cloud You have probably heard from different media sources, business colleagues or your IT partners about “The Cloud” and most will probably not quite understand what this really means and why should they take notice.

Essentially the term “Cloud” is best described as a wide range of technologies which are accessible through high-speed connections to the internet and private networks. What this means for businesses is that they have the ability to “plug” into these “Cloud” resources across the internet and get instant access to these powerful solutions. Plugging in to cloud solutions, so to speak, basically removes certain barriers which might hinder most business implementing new technology such as large upfront capital expense or higher IT costs to implement, maintain and support a solution “in-house” solution of comparable functionality. The adaptability of these solutions is that you can literally turn on/off more of what you need, just like a tap, which is something you cannot achieve with traditional in-house server solutions which have much smaller scalability. Another great aspect of Cloud solutions is that it no longer ties the business to a particular IT resource to manage and support servers leaving the business in a much better position should they want to change IT partners in the future. The flexibility of these types of Cloud solutions can give your business to advantage in accelerating adaptation of new technology as well as cost savings and peace of mind. There are many new and existing Cloud solutions on the market which can without a doubt help businesses in many ways but obviously you are best to investigate the solution as a whole and ensure the fit is right for your business before jumping in. Cloud solutions are here to stay and will only gather weight over the coming years as they mature and continue to provide best practise SME and Enterprise solutions for businesses of every type.

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