Insurance For Tattoo Parlours In Commercial Premises

Tattoo Parlour 2020

Tattoo Parlour 2020Are you struggling to find tattoo parlour insurance?

Does your commercial premises have a tattoo parlour as a tenant?

Are you the tenant or owner operator of a tattoo parlour that is required under your commercial lease to pay the property owners outgoings including insurance costs?

Are you paying far too much for your building, loss of rent cover and property owners public liability insurance?

At McKenzie Ross Insurance Brokers, we understand the difficulty the Tattoo & Body Piercing industry has faced over the recent years. We also understand the difficulty the owners of the premises’ that house these operations have faced too.

Tattoo Parlour Insurance is high risk, mostly difficult to come by and sometimes cost prohibitive.

Most property owners have found it hard to obtain reasonably priced building insurances including loss of rent cover and property owner’s public liability insurance. Similarly, the actual Tattoo Parlour owner/operators have found it difficult to obtain even the most basic contents cover for fire and the extraneous perils.

Tattooist tenants have been forced to pay the cost of the property owners building insurances in the outgoings, as their occupation is what has pushed premiums sky high. These costs can be devastating for the smaller operators.

McKenzie Ross Insurance Brokers have an extremely competitive alternative facility to what the current market offers. We can place the following insurance covers:

  • Building sums insured up to $3 million
  • Loss of Rent cover available
  • Property Owners Public Liability cover up to $10 million

Our facility is written through an APRA registered Underwriting Agency with the security of Lloyds of London.

For more information, please contact Scot Weston on 0409 226 370 or email

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