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The last 40-50 years has seen major changes to the way in which businesses conduct their supply chain management. Cargo ships are no longer timber with rudimentary navigation equipment and “hook and tackle” cargo handling facilities.

The advent of containerisation in the 1960s enabled the seamless movement of goods from warehouse to warehouse, with containers only being opened on arrival. Highly sophisticated ships, B Double Trucks, better quality roads, automated container terminals and computerised storage and distribution facilities means supply chain management in 2015 is a lot more complex however much more efficient and effective.

With complexity comes risk. As such Marine cargo, Transport and Logistics Liability remains a very important yet necessary specialisation within the insurance industry. At McKenzie Ross, we have demonstrated an unmatched commitment to the industry by building a transport and logistics team that holds first class insurance expertise, and is capable of providing specialist risk assessment and loss mitigation advice, as well as contractual advisory services.

Australia is an island continent with a massive and sophisticated inland domestic freight task. McKenzie Ross understands the dramatic change in contractual terms being used in the domestic freight task. Historically the industry prospered of the back of “all care and no responsibility” type standard contracts. In recent years, we have seen a shift in this unfair approach to the custodianship of third party cargo. Today, transport operators deal with sophisticated customers who require them to be responsible for goods in their care, custody and control.

Logistics operator’s today contract on terms that represent a whole spectrum of liability, from no liability to negligence based liability to no-fault based contracts. McKenzie Ross understands this development and provides seamless protection for our clients for new and onerous contractual liability exposures.

Traditional insurance markets for land based transport and logistics providers continue to offer very basic and antiquated products. Traditional brokers or risk advisors will no doubt continue to sell these products.

McKenzie Ross provides modern and seamless solutions for transport and logistics service providers including 3PL operators, haulage operators, large and diversified freight forwarders and storage and distribution centres. Our solutions consider your business risk and contractual exposures and provide the necessary protection where it is needed.

It is an ongoing strategy of ours to provide innovative and tailored risk and insurance packages to meet the individual needs of our clients that ensures our success in this industry.

If your logistics business has evolved with the industry, yet your insurance program is the same as it was five years ago, give McKenzie Ross a call and talk to a specialist that understands your business and your exposures.[/vc_column][/vc_row]

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